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Those giveaway i am so sick of them. Why give one person the chance to win a prize worth 2 million dollars. Why not split the prize so that multiple people can win. Add comment

Does anyone know who audits HGTV dream home contest to make sure it is fair? Hgtv is so politically bias I have doubts they are running a fair contests? Add comment

  • Dec 22, 2014
  • Television/ Radio
  • Jupiter, Florida
  • Programming
  • 2
  • 2
  • 48

Your program is boring. So tired of the property brothers. It is a good program but enough is enough. Programing a few years ago was much not interesting than now. What is going on? What happened to programs like Candice Olsen and more designer programs. Do enjoy house hunters international. I use to watch hgtv every day but not so much any more. Make changes!! Read more

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  • Dec 04, 2014
  • Television/ Radio
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Tv Show
  • 121

Is HGTV now owned by Canada? No offense, but I'm not really interested in the housing market in Canada since I live in the US. And most current homeowners aren't looking to sell. Some of us want ideas to help us improve on where we already live. What happened to shows like Design Challenge? Design on a Dime? Lisa Laporta? Monica Peterson? Candice Olsen? The winners from Designer's... Read more

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Nov.28 show House Hunters, Seattle Couple Spars over Style in Seattle. This episode is listed as NEW when we previously saw this episode MONTHS before. This leads the viwer scaning for new programming to be falsely pointed towards new programming when it is not. I know do not like dishonesty. We will not be watching HGTV for some time. Add comment

I am so tired of all there swwepstake offers for free prizes winning money and free samples after 800 emails I havent recvd1 thing what is going on with you people your really starting to *** me off tpu make it sound so good I dont understand stop sendinf me emails pleaae 800 are not worth it you people need to get a lfe Add comment

  • Nov 08, 2014
  • Television/ Radio
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Tv Programming
  • 3
  • 3
  • 91

Do not see how you can continue to keep ratings if all you do is repeat repeat repeat programming. HGTV use to be very enjoyable to watch. Not anymore. What has happened? Need to redo the whole lineup that will keep people watching don't you think. Enough with Flip and Flop, Rehab Addict, Property Bro.. They are repetitive show formats that get so boring show after show hour after hour. There... Read more

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  • May 17, 2014
  • Home Construction and Repair
  • Website
  • 3
  • 3
  • 572

I don't really buy into all the claims that the contest is rigged. The rules state that they can perform a background check AFTER the "potential" winner is chosen. I assume this is to make sure they don't parade any child molesters, wife beaters, or murderers around to represent their network. (Although if they also do a credit check and base it on that, even with no criminal record, then I would... Read more

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  • Feb 26, 2014
  • Entertainment
  • Richardson, Texas
  • Sweepstakes
  • 178

Ever since I entered the sweepstakes this year I've gotten all kinds of spam email as well as scam mails about all the money I've won or inherited if I just give these strangers all my information. I look at the email headers and most are from South America or Ukraine. I hadn't entered this sweepstakes in years and decided to do it again this year. The same thing happened last time. This is... Read more

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  • Sep 08, 2013
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Hgtv
  • 6
  • 6
  • 559

If you love the HGTV shows strictly for the entertainment value, that’s fine. I just have a MAJOR problem with them running these contests. By definition a contest is something that everybody should/would have an EQUAL chance of winning. This is not the case with HGTV. HGTV pre-selects their winner(s) based upon income, zip codes and background checks. That immediately eliminates 95% of the... Read more

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